Men Marry For Strategic Reasons: Part 1

    They say no man wants to marry a liability and yet any woman that is looking for and probably waiting for a man that is financially stable enough to cater for her and her children is mostly termed ‘materialistic’…next they come up with stuff like “it’s a man’s world.” Really?
One thing is certain, men marry for strategic reasons, I think the female folks shouldn’t be left out on the whole ‘strategic marriage’ thingy. if you want to settle down, don’t be intimidated by advices like…it doesn’t matter how much he is earning, or it doesn’t matter where he is from, if he is short or tall, etc.  As the man is scoping you, checking if you can cook, keep the house clean, have children, etc….ladies, check if he is a giver/stingy, if he can be a good father, if he doesn’t have a good relationship with his mom…check it. If he doesn’t have a job or isn’t earning much…check it. find out why. Is it because he is lazy and  has a laise affaire attitude towards his work or he is just passing through a phase…they are not the same thing.
  Like Myles Monroe stated in one of his messages, “divorce is a result of marriage.” It is better a failed relationship than a failed marriage. Not everyone is destined for the Cinderella and beauty and the beast kind of love story. Most times…considering the level of moral decadence in the world today, people experience a lot of heartbreaks and disappointments before they finally find ‘The One’. however, it is better you find yours at thirty and live happily ever after than jump in at twenty-four and live the rest of your life correcting that mistake.

Don’t start what you can’t finish. he’ll probably remain the same after marriage as when you both were dating. so you better be sure by the time you declare, “I do.”



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