How Was Your First Quarter?

At the beginning of this year, I posted . In that post, I talked about the importance of goal-setting. We have come to the end of the first quarter of the year, I want to remind you my beloved readers, Did you set your goals? Did you achieve anything this first quarter? What successes have you been able to record? Beyond uploading pictures and opinions or gossip on or any other social media sites, what tangible thing did you achieve? I however, did achieve so much, even beyond my expectations…and I’m just beginning. Once again, I’d like to remind us again that the importance of goal-setting can never be over-emphasized if you seek progress. It isn’t left for your boss or father, or the poor (like some people think). Goal-setting helps you plan, it helps you manage your finances and other resources at your disposal. You can’t sit back and watch the world pass you by and yet expect some level of success in your life. Many times, we blame the government or the economy for our problems. One thing that should come to our mind is that, as much as the government has responsibilities to build roads, schools, hospitals, etc. They are not responsible for your personal development, skills acquisition, etc Even if the government makes the provisions or any other NGO offers some form of free training, if you don’t DECIDE to sign-up, it’s on you. A lot of people are ok with where they are. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a difference between being content with what you have and lacking aspirations. I hereby encourage you my friend to learn to plan your life and grow, and you can only do that through goal-setting. N/B: People get lucky sometimes and get something they didn’t plan for, nevertheless it doesn’t happen everyday. You can’t plan your life based on sheer hope of luck.

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