3 key ways to NOT live a BORING life.

I totally agree with this. been there, done that.

I'm a fox who eats fries... that simple.

Go to school. Occasionally hang out with friends. Go home. Do homework.

I just couldn’t believe that was my life. I didn’t want to believe it, but instead of living trying to hide the truth i decided to take action and find ways to make my life exciting and fresh. Now i’m much happier and i feel that my life is less repetitive so obviously I must shares these key tips with my fellow foxes!!!

1. Find a passion. I know that it sounds like basic blog crap but trust me on this its SO important. Wants you find a hobby/job you love its gonna make you happier and make you’re life special.

2. GO FOR IT! Every opportunity you get to try something that could end up being a career or good way to spend your free time then TRY IT… it never hurts to try. Thats the only…

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