Less Busy Saturday Routine: Face, Hair & Nails

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Papaya Facial Scrub by St. Morizt

Hello! Hope your Sallah holiday has been well spent. For people like me who are workaholics, i thought i should just stay home and rest from all the craze on work-days, but eeeeerrrr! Here I am, still doing my thing.

Most weekends are filled with attending events, completing left-over work which you carried home, cleaning, doing laundry, etc. How about those days, when you’re completely idle, everything has been covered, and you don’t really know what to do with your time? What do you do? well,
I’ve got that covered too. you see, one thing with me is, i always find something to do. Except i’m asleep, you can hardly find me idle and just lying down, busy doing nothing. Even when I’m physically not working, I am thinking…about my next move, the future, etc.

Anyway, today, my thought lingered on how I spend my less busy weekends. I try to pamper myself. Sometimes, I don’t feel like heading to the salon. I just want to take care of myself, without pressure and at my own pace. So, last weekend, I took the liberty to take care of my nails (It’s been over a month since I painted it) and my Hair (Always taken care of). So, this is one of my less busy weekend routine.

Wash Hair: Oh! This feels so good. I do this every now and then, but it became a routine about a month ago…especially since I decided to go on a weave cleanse. I take time out every weekend to wash my hair, condition it and leave it to air-dry. In the picture below, I’m wearing a cornrow, completely soaked with conditioner. I had the conditioner for over an hour before I washed it off.

Facial Treatment: Well, I’m flexible with this one. Sometimes I go with the Scrub or the Mask, both always leave my face totally soft and rejuvenated.
Nails: I haven’t had my nails done for sometime. Usually I don’t put artificial nails on my toes for fear of getting hurt…you know…hitting my feet on something and the whole thing comes of. So I usually with file, clean and paint my natural nails. After about two months, I decided I should paint them, it’s missed my touch. so here i was, in the comfort of my home, getting nailed. *winks*

Eyes: The past few weeks have been quite hectic, and what could be more relaxing than putting those citrus pads on my eyes to refresh and reduce the stress it’s been through. So, let’s get on with it.

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