Stressed, But Not Quitting + My Early Days Of Blogging Experience

So here I am for more than a week now, slugging it out surfing the net, reading, educating myself in the skills and terminologies involved in establishing/registering or activating my own domain. I came to the conclusion that, in life, do not look down on other people’s work or make it look as though you’re the only one doing something relevant.
I mean, I totally respect the likes of Mark Zucherberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc. Wow! I am overwhelmed by the terminologies I have to get myself acquainted with over the years (being a blogger). The interesting thing is that I find it fascinating. I never thought about it, but I think, studying Computer Science or Web Design is another field of study I need to explore if I want to take this part of my life to a whole new level. 
I have lost sleep, spent so much money on pain relief from spending so much time in front of a screen. Nevertheless, it’s amazing…I can’t spend a day without the internet. I mean, at some point, my boyfriend (now husband) had to seize my “wifi”. I love what I do, it’s exhausting, but I can’t even think of quitting. 
This is why it is important that everyone finds it vital to turn their passion into a business. If you don’t love what you do, when the stress and pressure kicks in…you can only think of quitting. I remember what my lecturer said to me during my day in the university, he said,

Don’t hold your dream, let your dream hold you. That way, it can never let go of you, but you can let go when difficult times come.

That thought has really kept me strong for years. My passion for fashion, makeup, beauty, music, etc have been kept aflame by this mindset.
You need to understand that every business in life has it’s own challenges, difficult part, limitations, etc. which is why a lot of other people make money from other businesses’ problems. For instance, blogging is fun, great! But because of the need for an outstanding design, hosting, css codes, growth, etc. so many people have designer themes, e-books, etc. to help other bloggers grow. What are my saying? You need to read up! Google is your best friend at this stage. Visit other blogs that talk about what you are finding difficult, etc. I have learnt so much from helplogger and Dana. Their blogs are like my blog-building bibles. 
So many people may not understand why the fuss or think you being unrealistic thinking you can make something out of blogging, but refuse to retain such information, rather get acquainted with people who are already successful in the field and follow them for motivation. 
I don’t regret everything I’ve invested in becoming who I am today, and I encourage you to do the same.
The sky is your limit dear, start shooting!!!

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