A More Natural Approach To Beauty

I can’t really say I got tired of spending so much time making up every morning…rather, I’d say the consciousness for punctuality propelled me towards finding a way to glam up, without looking too overdone, but still chic and beautiful for the day.
I started looking for a more natural approach to beauty…
Aaaaand here I am.
So this is my first picture tutorial on how to achieve a natural look. I know many people and even some of my friends who are not so crazy about makeup, but still love to look good when leaving the house everyday. This tutorial is also for people who are not into eyeshadows and all, but don’t mind getting their contouring skills up-to-date for the everyday natural appeal.
Without much ado, I’ll just go straight to point.

I started with my brows, using the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo and a Davis eyebrow pencil in nos. 18. I outlined my brows to get my perfect arc, then I filled it in with the brow powder and finally re-inforced the pencil to give it a lasting effect and also make it darker. Then I cleaned up the sides (above & beneath) of my brow with a Mary Kay foundation (yes! my shade) and Milani concealer (a a shade lighter).

I actually used Milani concealer
After the brows, I went straight to my lip. It’s not rocket science, all you need is a nude lip color. Make it as natural as possible. The color I used for this post is actually quite bright, take a look at this other image. In my next post on natural looks, I’ll used a better lip color.
For the lip I used Romantic Beauty Lipstick in colour 15 and lip gloss (stain) in colour 9, Classic lipstain in nude and Davis eye/lipliner.

 For the face I started out with applying my foundation (see pic above), the I applied my highlights. I play around it a lot, I use different approaches in my contour application. However, for this look, I used my Classic foundation and powder pallette…using the lighter shade for my highlight and the darker shade for my contour.

I then applied my L. A Girls PRO concealer (see picture above) and set it with Zaron loose powder. After that, I set my whole face with the shade ‘chocolate’ from my pallette.

Next, I applied the blush and bronzer from Markwins Beauty kit. It’s a Uk brand.

Finally, I applied my favourite mascara- Colossal on my lashes.

This is the final look with my hair wrapped under my hair net.
let me know what you think about this look. Do you have any tips on getting a natural glam? kindly share your tips in the comment box below. 
Thank you for sticking to the end.

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