4 Tips On Maintaining Makeup for Oily-Skin


I’ll be sharing tips on how to maintain your makeup if you have an oil skin like me.

This has been a major challenge overtime for me…being a makeup loving person. I always dread the noon time because once it begins to approach 12 noon, my face will begin to secrete oil. And the oil on my face sometimes can be enough to apply all over my hands. Though it has it advantages, If I had my way, I would naturally prefer to keep the face free of makeup. This is because,
once the oils start coming out, the face looses the matte appeal it had at the beginning. With all the highly recommended primer…I still see people with oily skin (including me) loose the matte glam look they had when the makeup was still fresh.
This is why my favourite time for taking pictures is immediately I conclude my makeup application. Once my face lasts about 1 hour…the oil gradually begins to appear.
These tips are the ones I use for myself. So feel free to give your own suggestions in the comment box.
1.  If you can, I recommend the use of Philip Roy’s Milk of Magnesia as a primer before applying your makeup (stay tuned for my review on it).
2.  If you don’t like milk of magnesia…I recommend an oil-free facial primer. There are numerous products and brands, but for now I use Wet ‘n’ Wild pore filler.
(My elder sister said for a more lasting-not-cakey effect, she mixes MOM with her normal primer. So you might want to try it.)
3.  Always have a packet of tissue in your bag. This comes in handy when you need to dab dab dab some of the oils off your t-zone and chin.

4.  Sweat less. I know it seems like something we can’t control. But this is favourable to people who work in an AC saturated environment. The less you sweat, the less amount of oil that appears on your face, and with your tissue, you can have an oil-free makeup day.
5. Less exposure to the sun also reduces the amount of sweat.

For more details on the inumerous benefits of oily skin, follow these links:

Thank you so much. I hope you liked this post. Don’t forget to leave your comment on your way out?

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