Crotchet Braids Using Naomi Boom


So after much searching here in Naija, I finally found ready-made senegalese twist crochet braids. Some call it mambo twist or havana twist…whatever the case, it a twisted braid.

Why this post is fascinating for me is the fact that the product is totally made-in-Nigeria. I’m so proud of X-pression for producing this. Obviously the crotchet braids hairstyle is a fast growing trend for Nigerian ladies. I’m glad hair stylists, beauty companies and the ladies generally are looking beyond our shores to find other interesting fashion trends.


I used three packs for my hair…it’s quite light (after I submerged them in hot water…but the texture didn’t change at all. Ella said she bought has N600 per pack…I guess since it is on demand now, it has become more costly. I bought mine N1200 per pack, I couldn’t install it myself since I was quite busy this period, so I got my stylist to do it for me. I will advice that you make your cornrows/weaving bold, considering the braids are jumbo size, to avoid them pulling your hair from the roots.
For more detailed information, check out this video tutorial by Chichi Nzewi.


  1. Hello. Nice to meet you. My name is Vivi in charge of Markeing from X-Pression. Thank you so much interesting for our Naomi Boom. I want to talk more. Please contact to me when you feel free. Whatsapp.No. 081-4521-5713


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