7 Steps to A Perfect (DIY) Tissue Nail Wrap

Hi friends…being that the previous post on using tissue as a substitute for acrylics powder attracted lots of views, I thought it might interest you also to know the steps to using tissue to wrap your nails.

I’ve had mine on now for about 2 weeks and counting.

Without wasting your time, I’d go right into todays details:
1.  Start out by cutting out 10 pieces of tissue. Ensure you use the very soft and smooth ones.

  1. After your normal fixing and proper filing and buffing of your nails…you know…the usual process of nail fixing, then, apply glue/adhesive on a nail.
  1. Carefully place a piece of tissue on the nail and apply a layer of glue to reinforce its firmness. Do this for all your nails to allow them dry out.
  1. Starting from the first one, begin to file…file…file! File until they are all smooth. Don’t forget to remove the excesses by the cuticles and beneath the nails.
  1. use the buffer to smoothen them out.

  2. Apply a generous layer of glue on each nail and let them dry out again.

  3. Buff again.

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