Picture Tutorial: How To Make & Install Crotchet Braids Using Noble Gold Natural Braid

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AlrightΒ girlfriend…here’s a new one for you…another way you can make crotchet braids from the comfort of your home. Note that I said ‘MAKE‘ not install.

I also know that you might be wondering what I’m doing on wordpress, well, I finally made the big move. It was a tough decision, but it finally had to be done…still got plenty love for blogger though. So let’s move to the business of the day.

I actually had my sister over for some time now, and she didn’t want to go with my choice crotchet braids brand, so we decided to do something different. This particular post was inspired by my previous post on Xpression Besta.Β Before I get to to the brand we used, I’d like to point out that this hairstyle was also inspired by the fact that she wanted a hair that will last and if possible be re-used. We taught about kinky braids, it is ‘kinky’ as the name implies, strong, synthetic and has a close resemblance with our natural (Afro) hair. So she finally opted for Noble Gold Natural Braid in color one.

This is a picture tutorial, quite self explanatory, so I won’t do much explaining.


roll them up on perm rods after which you’ll put them in a bowl of hot water to arrive at these curls


These are what the curls will look like


make your braids…number of cornrows will depend on you




We used 5 packs of this product to achieve this look, so the quantity you use depends on you. A bulk of the work is really in rolling the braids, after that, half of the work is done. I hope you find this post interesting and explorative.

Do you have any other product that is very good for crochet braids? Kindly leave your thoughts on the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by, cheers!

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