Xpression Curly Braids’ Review + How To Maintain A Synthetic Hair

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas and happy holidays! I’m glad to share my final review of the year, also being my last review on ALL THE PRODUCTS I RECEIVED from X-pression this year. I can’t thank @xp4you enough for sending me these products. They literally kept me away from salons this year, while I enjoyed trying on different crochet styles: besta, ceres and nike.

This product is synthetic and comes in different colors. Each pack consists of 6 bunches of hair, of which I cut into 10 for each bunch. for this look, I used 2 and half packs. It was quite full, but I had to trim it down.
To get the best from this hair, treat it at least once a week following these instructions;
  1. Use your water spray bottle to spray water on it
  2. Apply hair moisturiser generously
  3. Apply any hair oil to seal-in the moisture
  4. Trim-off the tangled ends
At night, or if you are not going out, always wrap hair under a hair net or silk scarf to reduce tangling while also preserving it’s shine.
This hair is super-easy to maintain. The curls are natural, so you don’t have to keep trying to renew them. Most importantly, it is very light.
Do you like this hair? What do you think about this hair color on me, compared to the black one in other reviews? I would love to know other crochet braids products/brands you have used and liked.

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