I finally mustered courage to share this much requested post. So many people have asked me severally, how I make money from blogging and if I have another job. Well, to answer the second part, yes I do have another job. I started blogging as a hobby before I realized I could monetize my blog too.

Today’s post is actually about you; designers, CEOs, brands, etc. Not to be racist or anything, I’m writing this post specifically to Nigerians…my people and any foreign brand looking to opt for international recognition/market. It is still shockingly annoying that many people still don’t appreciate bloggers and what we stand for, irrespective of our niche. However, it doesn’t change the fact that we are the new CNN, NTA, AIT, and any other organisation that render advert services. We have become an integral part of the media/entertainment industry. Bloggers have come to stay. It is the best place to advertise after T.V, and someone who says bloggers have replaced newspapers wouldn’t be wrong.

“bloggers have come to stay. We are the biggest selling advertising media after T.V.”

I know you are curious, so let’s get down to it already. How does a blogger make money while helping your business grow? These are 7 ways i have discovered so far:
  1. Create Affiliate Links. When you do this, bloggers can sign-up to be your affiliate and help market your business to their readers by sharing your links on their blog pages and posts. Readers interested in your service/products subscribe/purchase them, and bloggers in turn earn commissions on each sale your business makes.
  2. Give them the platform to work with.Now, the issue I’ve had personally is that I have discovered that many Nigerians have not caught the “rhema” of creating an online presence for their business. If you can’t run an online shop or website, at least you should have a facebook page dedicated to marketing your services and products. With an online platform, bloggers can easily make referrals to your page/site.
  3. Sponsor Posts. This is when a brand pays or provides FREE services or products for a blogger to use and then review. Usually, it is expected that bloggers’ review of a product does not affect their opinion. Nonetheless, a large number of people would have heard about and seen your product, which will expand your market and hopefully increase sales. You can find some sponsored posts on this blog here and hereNOTE: Your product has to be good to avoid getting bad reviews though. So you need to know the quality of your product before reaching out to bloggers.
  4. Brand collaborations: This is when a brand reaches out to a blogger (or vice versa) to work together to achieve a goal. They work as partners, for which both parties get something out of the collaboration.
  5. Sponsor Giveaways: This is when brands partner with a blogger by providing their services or products as a prize for winning a competition. While brands gain more publicity and sales, bloggers gain mostly subscribers, followers or page views, etc.
  6. Buy Ads Space: Brands purchase AD spaces on blogs to advertise their products or services. A typical example are the ADs you see on www.lindaikejisblog.com. Depending on how prominent a blogger has become, the cost of bloggers’ AD spaces will vary.
  7. Offer Guest Posts: This is when industry experts contribute, by writing for a blog. This way, these experts are exposed to a new audience. For instance, a fashion designer can contribute as an author to a fashion blog, while in return he can advertise his brand on the blog.
Till today, some folks in the society are of the opinion that Linda Ikeji’s income doesn’t come from blogging alone. I do not know about that, however, I know there are many bloggers around the world who are making thousands of dollars both in cash and in deals just from blogging. This is why there are many full time bloggers abroad. I have read of several husbands that quit their jobs to support their wives as full time bloggers (and vice versa). Organisations and companies abroad recognise bloggers so much. They are invited for shows, honoured at award ceremonies, given million dollar contracts, etc. Those companies are not fools. I think businesses in Nigeria need to open their minds to doing business with bloggers, not just because I am one, but because we need to learn to explore ‘blue oceans’. i.e. look where everyone else (your competitors) isn’t looking.

people will take your products more seriously if they hear about its quality first hand from their favourite blogger

It is the effect of one-on-one and reality. People will naturally listen to someone who has used the product and testifies that it is great, than some t.v. commercial that is trying to depict it. Most bloggers do their reviews, showing evident results that have occurred as a result of the product.
NOTE: If after reading this post you decide you want to work with a blogger, ensure your products or services suit that blogger’s niche. For instance, a company that produces footwears shouldn’t be doing business with a blog about electronics or cars; rather they should be approaching fashion/lifestyle bloggers.
For more information on how bloggers can grow your business, check here. 

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