Blogging for me has become a lifestyle I don’t intend to give up on anytime soon. I’m always looking for what to write about, curating content from my life and that of folks around me. I love the fact that someone can visit my blog and learn something new. Anyway, today, I am excited to share some of the steps I took to improve my blog and blogging skills. It may not be so perfect and there yet, but I am so grateful for where I am, and I know that it can only get better.

To grow in the ‘blog world’, I have found, that you have to keep improving yourself, especially if you are a newbie. You can’t keep doing the same thing every year and expect a change. You also want your blog to look professional, thereby depicting a form of seriousness to what you are doing, be it as a hubby or for business. Last year, in the course of seeking for ways to improve my blog, I invested a lot of time into researching on how to become a better blogger and also make your time worthwhile while you are here. So just in case you are intending to start your own blog, or you have started already, here are some of the things I did to improve my blog and you can do the same for your blog in 2017:
  1. I CHANGED MY TEMPLATE: being that I use the blogger platform, it is a thing of joy to be able to look at your blog and feel at home. Actually, your blog is your online office, you have to decorate it, ensure it is appealing to your viewers and to you also. I tried so many templates apart from blogger templates, both free and premium. Most of the premium templates didn’t work for me…(dunno why), however, I eventually stumbled upon this free template that really works for me, totally responsive and so easy to install. Better than most that I have had to try out in the past.
  2. ADSENSE PAID OFF: After much effort all through 2015, I finally got Adsenseapproval from google early last year. It was really a thing of joy to see other adverts apart from affiliate links on the blog. It really changed the outlook of my blog; it didn’t feel ordinary anymore.
  3. I LEARNT HOW TO WRITE ‘CATCHY’ HEADLINES: Yes, this may look weird to some, but this is evident in the viewership I received last year, as well as how engaged my audience became, especially on instagram. Though a lot is yet to be done. I think I really improve on that, and like I always say, “It can only get better.”
  4. PICTURE EDITING & BLOG GRAPHICS: This was really an issue for me. My first one year of blogging was filled with mediocre images, in fact some friends were kind enough to point that out to me…I took it in good fate, and today, I’m the better for it. I didn’t just learn how to do it, I also learnt how to create graphic images for my blog. This has also affected my page views as my blog, I must say is more appealing and feels more at home when I’m here.
  5. I STARTED DOING REVIEWS: Well, all my free (unsponsored) product reviews eventually paid off. I got my first collaboration deal when the xpression brand approached me, offering me some of their products for review; I had fun doing them. You can find them here, here, here and here. I know that this will only open doors for more opportunities to come.
  6. BLOGGER REACH OUT: I understood after much research that it is very vital to reach out to other bloggers if you want to expand your reach as a blogger. From this act, you can get invited to blogger hangouts, conferences, speeches, etc. You can also have opportunities for blogger collaborations and also make new and influencer friends that can be relevant to your blog business. So, I had to bend my ‘introverted’ personality to reach out to other bloggers, I won some, others are still work-in-progress. What matters to me, is that I took that step.
  7. I STARTED COMMENTING, LIKING AND SHARING OTHER BLOGGERS’ POSTS: This is key to expanding your reach. People will like want to check you out if you are always commenting, liking or sharing their posts.
I read a lot also, so I did a lot of reading, touring from blog to blog equipping myself with knowledge, skills and ability to eventually create a brand that really represents me. It has been quite explorative for me. I know lots of things I didn’t know when I just started out.
It is obvious the blog has taken a new look and effect (if your visit have been recurring in the past one year), I love the feel of it, and I am at least 80% convinced that my viewers feel the same way.



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