I like to talk about blogging because it has become a part of my life…everyday, I’m learning new things and my eyes are opened to things I would not notice normally. Following a lot of questions I get asked so often, “How much do you make monthly from blogging?” “If I start, how soon can I start earning from blogging?” “Do you get lots of free stuff?”…Ok, hit the pause button right there!
Having been in the scene since 2013, I have learnt a few things that blogging is and/or is not. If you are reading this, then you are either a newbie blogger or you plan to start, or you could just be an ‘oldie’ who is just curious or loves learning new things. Either way, let’s get on with it… I hope you learn something today.
I’d like to start with WHAT BLOGGING IS NOT.
  • Blogging is not what you do “since” you don’t have a job. Hence, you need a job until you can afford to quit and face blogging full time.
  • Blogging is not a quick money scheme.
  • It is not a platform for venting your anger and frustrations. This is because you won’t get solutions that way.
  • Blogging is not a platform to portray a fake life. If you intend to blog professionally and full time, I don’t think you can keep up with the lies…


Are you still here? Great!
So, now that we are clear about ‘what blogging is not’, let’s check out WHAT BLOGGING IS.
  • Blogging is something borne out of passion. You have to be passionate about something enough to want to share it with the world.
  • Blogging is a job/hobby that demands patience. So you see, being that it is not a ‘quick money scheme’, you need patience and perseverance to stick around till the dough starts cashing in.
  • Blogging is a platform for sharing your expertise.
  • Blogging is a platform for proffering solutions, like my man of God (Pastor Chris Oyakhilome) will say, “look for a need and meet it”.
  • Blogging is a platform for sharing your experience (aimed at teaching or helping others… or entertaining… yeah). This means that, not just every thing you experience is worth sharing.
  • Blogging is a platform for inspiring others.
  • Blogging is a platform to share, market and sell your or other people’s products and services
My sister will always say, “Set your priorities right.” If you know you want to start blogging majorly because of any of the reasons above, then you need to rethink it…it won’t work! better still, it won’t last. You may go ahead and set up a blog, but when the frustrations and challenges of the art come calling, you will remember this post.
To help you decide, stay tuned for my post on how to decide if you should be a blogger or not.
I hope you liked this post.

What don’t you understand about blogging? What has been your frequently asked questions about blogging?

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