Polka dots on stripes

Polka Dots & Stripes

Polka Dots on StripesYou know how it is often said that it is a crime to wear two prints or patterns the same time, well I thank God for trends and trendsetters who change the rules of style. So this outfit was totally cool for me because I didn’t need to think much on how to put it together. Most of them are from random brands, but I left links to where you can find similar. I hope you like it, I did…though I hope to repeat this outfit as I reach my target size (#fitnessgoals).

Polka dots on stripesPolka dots on stripesC360_2017-03-23-19-23-48-116Polka dots on stripesPolka Dots on Stripes

I’m wearing: Polka dots crop top by Eudora, black and white midi skirtblack sling bag and black sandal by Atmosphere

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