Black white Floral Peplum Top + Birthday Musings

  It’s a Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!!! Yaaaayyy! Wow! It’s just amazing how one can change in a year. It is true what they say, if you haven’t seen someone for 2-3 years in a row, chances are that that person is no longer the person he/she was when you last saw them.  TBT 2016, … Continue reading Black white Floral Peplum Top + Birthday Musings

This Ann Taylor Little Black Dress Is Every Minimalist’s All Time Favourite

" Be content with such things as ye have..." For the love of all things simple and stylish... I just can't help expressing how I love this little black dress. I know how it looks... is it just all about black? .... Yes! Yes! It's all about black... and a few whites for me this … Continue reading This Ann Taylor Little Black Dress Is Every Minimalist’s All Time Favourite

Talking Business & Life’s Unseen Battles

"for the weapons of our warfare are not canal..." What's up? What's up? My people on this part of the world... how are you doing? It's been a while, and trust me I know. I must say that I am not impressed with my commitment and level of consistency on the blog this year... However, … Continue reading Talking Business & Life’s Unseen Battles

Try Styling Your Midi Bodycon Dress This Way and Thank Me Later!

"For I have given you the spirit of love, of peace, and of a sound mind." One amazing thing I love about black is that it never goes out of style. Be it in hair, makeup, accessories, apparels, etc. It always makes a comeback. Today I decided to pair this bodycon dress with this jeggings … Continue reading Try Styling Your Midi Bodycon Dress This Way and Thank Me Later!

Summer Rants, Tees + An Elevated Self-Esteem

Summer holidays are my favourites aside Christmas. This is the time I have to take time off work, spend more time with family, travel, eat and pamper myself as much as possible. So far, I spend my holidays shuttling between various cities in Nigeria, depending on where my siblings are at the time. Though I … Continue reading Summer Rants, Tees + An Elevated Self-Esteem

Layered In Chiffon

  "Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord" Is it just me or do you ever buy clothes that have no label? I mean, I usually find out when I'm done rocking it... I confess... as soon as I see something I like, the last thing on my mind is usually to check the … Continue reading Layered In Chiffon

Recycled Style: Long Ankara Vest on Black

RECYCLED: Ankara Vest On Black

I must confess that the only true reason I'm falling in love with Ankara is because of all the cool styles I can make with them. So about this outfit, you know I mentioned in my previous post that I styled this outfit three ways within a week, well, that is how crazy I am … Continue reading RECYCLED: Ankara Vest On Black

SAVUD FASHIONS: Vests and Bell Bottoms

I'm so excited to finally share this update on my current collaboration with Savud World. SAVUD is a Nigerian Fashion House which deals on clothings as well as customized interiors decorations. They make customised chairs, throw pillows, cushions, etc. to suit your taste and style. Early this year, we decided to move our business relationship to … Continue reading SAVUD FASHIONS: Vests and Bell Bottoms

Sunday Favs: Black Whistles

This all black "sunday" outfit is quite lit for me. It is totally me... simple, chic and affordable. You can easily pull it off from simple pieces in your wardrobe. My best piece on this look is the leggings and boot combo! It gave it a little edge... with a little sophistication. I love to … Continue reading Sunday Favs: Black Whistles


This is how I dress on's supposed to be a native/formal attire day..I have to find something comfy, semi-casual and yet formal to wear

Postpartum Style: Khaki and Pink

For the love of casuals and Jackets, stepping out in this simple khaki jacket makes all the difference.