Why I finally got the Big Chop!

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Try Styling Your Midi Bodycon Dress This Way and Thank Me Later!

“For I have given you the spirit of love, of peace, and of a sound mind.”

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Summer Rants, Tees + An Elevated Self-Esteem

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Praying About Your Future Spouse: Necessary or Not?

“The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much…”

Praying About Your Future Spouse

A few years back, I got into a conversation about praying for your future husband with my colleagues and I was shocked at the opinions some of them had about the subject. So fast track to today, being happily married and all, I can’t help but wonder if they still hold on to their opinion or not. Well, since I have a blog now, what better way to share my thoughts and also get to know what the views of my readers are, and if possible inspire some people to think differently regarding the matter. (more…)

Layered In Chiffon


“Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord”

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Recycled Style: Long Ankara Vest on Black

RECYCLED: Ankara Vest On Black

Recycled Style: Long Ankara Vest on Black

I must confess that the only true reason I’m falling in love with Ankara is because of all the cool styles I can make with them. So about this outfit, you know I mentioned in my previous post that I styled this outfit three ways within a week, well, that is how crazy I am about it and more so, that is what minimalism is all about. (more…)