Thank you for taking out time to visit my blog; please do know that you are well appreciated. Are you a brand wanting to collaborate or start a sponsorship with Winnie’s Style? I’m excited to have you here! According to Steuart Henderson Britt,

 “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”
Winnie’s Style offers Blog sponsorship opportunities, advertising, and collaboration services related to fashion, beauty and Lifestyle so long as it fits into my blog theme. These services include sponsored posts, photo shoots, product reviews, giveaways, social media posts, hangouts/events (for hotels & restaurants) and banner ads.
On Winnie’s Style, our audience love free gifts, a good bargain, love to learn about and try new/trending fashion/beauty/hair products.. Our rapid growth cannot be overemphasized as the blog entertains readers all across the globe; from United States, Nigeria, Kenya, Germany, Belgium, Ghana, etc. This opens your brand up to the international community as well!!!! 😃😃
I’ll love to collaborate with you! We can work together to produce great content centred on your product/brand. Email me to get full details on the services I offer. 
For clues on how we can collaborate, you can read my posts on 7 Ways Bloggers Make Money + How They Can grow Your Business or we can discuss via email.

Winnie’s Style makes profit from sidebar ads, affiliate links, sponsored posts and product reviews. All sponsored content will be disclosed/mentioned on each post. I will only do reviews on products/services I have used/tested personally. Winnie’s Style reserves the right to turn down collaboration proposals that do not fit with the blog.